Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I win. Fly. Soar higher, higher, higher, more, fire.

It drives me insane when something so amazing can mess up society. For example, Photoshop. I love it, because it corrects my mistakes and imperfections. But I really it takes something away from the art. I wonder if there are people who don't believe in using it. It sounds ridiculous, but it makes some sense. People who are terrible at photography can now be good. You can hide acne or freckles. People can look completely different, skinnier than they are and more "beautiful" but in reality, perfection isn't beauty. And the idea of perfection changes so much, how would real people ever keep up with it.
What about perfection. What even is that? Does anyone even know? no. because it doesn't exist on earth. The most beautiful people I know are not perfect. The word "ugly" does so many bad things to people every day.
The world turns things that are helpful or beautiful into things that hurt or are misunderstood.
Don't you ever miss reality?
How are we going to learn with all these self correctors?

People don't learn from their mistakes as much any more.I know I don't. If you grow up with a little red squiggle under each word you misspell, will you ever spell correctly?  If you are allowed to take a test as many times as you want, are you really going to study that hard? How do people evaluate your knowledge in situations like that? Who are they to test your knowledge?
We all take the easy way out. I really hope I am learning in this ever changing world.

We are all too dependent on things that are not constant. Me too, but really. Where are we headed with all this?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

can you save us?

Cheers to those things that we try to describe accurately, but just can't. To writers block. Let's all give it up for the people who don't understand our inspiration. Why do I try to explain it to you when I know you wont ever quite understand? I just don't think like you I guess.
But I could use someone to listen to me. To really listen. Someone new that just calls me up because they need me, because I'm done being the one who needs. I want to be needed. I'm flawed. But what is the difference in being flawed and being original. It's just another way of putting it.
I don't do this to make people happy. I don't even try to make myself happy sometimes. It isn't always about being happy, sometimes it is about being worth it. Being satisfied, contempt or simply worth it.
Lets all try today to feel. Because it's the only thing that's true.