Friday, August 26, 2011

last. year. of. shakespeare.

I am so glad I am in drama four and get the opportunity to go to Shakespeare competition. Those poor kids that will never have a chance.. and. dear me. the dance company girls. like 10 or something of them can't even go because there is not enough seats. in my opinion? they should let the older girls(and guys, of course) get first dibs. Why? because it's their last year. but. that already happened. and next year they are taking 2 buses. golly gee. this bus is gonna be packed. but i am so happy. because all those dance company people who may have never got to, will get to see really well done professional theatre. I sure hope they give it a chance. It is so worth it, I cannot even begin to express. I have been saving and saving for this. I love it every year. Pericles changed my life, along with that production of Macbeth that inspired this post, and also the production of The glass menagerie that I saw this summer. Those are just a few. I am always inspired by a bunch of the competition pieces and people I meet and people I am with. I just cannot describe how happy and excited I am to be attending yet again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

growing up.

reality is kicking in. almost done with slacker school, time to find the real world.
sometimes, when colleges call, I just want to scream "I don't want to grow up!" into the receiver.
I never do.
Think about it.
It's strange.
Doesn't it just make you want to listen to this a bajillion times?
... well, I could listen to it a lot anyway.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

oh, the joys of a good story.

I am so in love with Jane Austen. Jeez, it is crazy. I used to think that I could not love a book more then pride and prejudice, but dang, they are all good. I have recently watched Mansfield Park and Emma, and I love them both. So Much. It is insane,.
Who else could write fantastic twisted love stories that end happily and are still realistic! Not just that, but are actually good. There are so many other books that are just so typical. so anyways, that is my rant of the day, and here are some men from the movies to make you smile. :]


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What makes me, me?

so many people have something specific that defines them.
everybody has something different, like:
They dance, everywhere.
Their style is fantasic.
They get in a zillion car wrecks.
They are caring.
They complain.
They are always singing, humming or making music.
They are forgetful.
They strive for attention.

what defines me? oppinions? (and if all you are going to say is everything, nothing, or something unspecific, save yourself  the time. I want what you think, no matter what it is ) :]

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the world.

so it seems as if the world wants me to become a part of them. to just give in and do what "everybody else is doing". to move along and just do what you want, not just what you know is good for you. I got news: I am my own self. I can figure this out. stop putting ideas in my head. It does nothing but irritate me. Do you ever feel like when people tell you a billion times not to do something, they just want you to do it, so that they can say "I told you so"? that is insane. I am going to do stupid things, sure. But it will be my own fault.stop. stopstopstopstop!!! I just want to scream at something. Trust me. I have it under control, I am pretty good at figuring it out for myself at some point. Just please.
I have one thing to ask for: let me choose. I can do it.
Trust seems like such an easily looked over thing now days, as do many other things, but I want to be taken seriously. please.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Captain America.

how could you not love this guy? This was seriously the best movie i have seen in a really long time. I love it co much. I love how historical it is. Captain America is now my favorite superhero. what? I know. I love you batman, but really... you can't beat this guy,.
such a great movie. love it.