Monday, July 25, 2011

wait, what? you dont have to be an exception...

what do you think of this song? 
oh what do I think? well, this song starts a bit of a weird blow up in my head. i am telling you. its weird. this is why.
"I'll never sing of love if it does not exist, but darlin you are the only exception"
whoa. what? think about it. her rule is she wouldn't sing about love that didn't exist.   so therefore, she can sing about it if it does exist, because that is not a part of her rule. so the love she is sing about must not exist. otherwise, it wouldn't be an exception to what she promised. so messed up. I think that the song is catchy and everything, but really? it reminds me of this. learn your rules people.
I am so confused. Why does he have to be an exception? you haven't broke your promise if you love him. unless you dont love him, then, whatever...
I still like paramore. I still like the song. It just makes me think WAY to hard.

Saturday, July 23, 2011