Sunday, December 4, 2011


We all have to think in order to learn. We all have to want to know. We have to have our own opinions. They were meant to be respected. People just don't understand that these days.
If you want to be heard, you have to listen.
I sometimes don't want to hear it. Considering something that you don't think you believe can be difficult, but in this world, you have to be willing to listen.
Perspective is necessary. It's beautiful.

I have begun to realize the importance that other people play in my life.
I have always known how big of a role music plays in my life. I know I talk about The Killers all the time, so I am going to mention a few other artists,.
Angels and Airwaves.
Ingrid Michaelson.

Music connects. It makes you think.

I love people who have a passion for what they do. I learn more from teaches that love what they teach.
People that want to change the world.
Find something you love. Find someone you love.
Be so passionate and persistent that it inspires people. Or if you have to, annoy them. If that is what it takes for someone to see you in your real light, DO IT. I talk all the time about how blessed I am; but I have trials too. The reason that I am so blessed is because I am able to face them.
Sure I have problems.
Sure I want simpathy.

I need to listen to people, because every day I need people to listen to me.
can you hear what they are saying to you? do you know what they mean?
that is so generic. "I know what you mean". Do you really?

Think about it. A lot of times, they don't need your advice. People just need someone to talk to. to get it out.
I have always felt like if I don't talk about it, everything will build up in my head until there is no more room. I still feel that way. That is why I write about it. Here, in my journal, on my "math notes". It doesn't matter where I am, I have to write or talk about how I feel. I have to talk about decisions.
I have to talk about everything.
somebody has to listen.
be that listener.