Tuesday, November 29, 2011

amazing really.

What something someone says can make you feel.
You get told you look tired, you become tired.
Someone says that you suck, and you start to fail.
People say that you are a brat, you become one.
Someone tells you that you are beautiful, you feel it.
You feel it all.
Be careful what you say to people.
I know that I feel it, and know that you would feel it.

Compliment people and mean it.
I really think that I could not feel much better than I do right now. I feel like I actually have worth that hasn't been there for a long time..
I really think that I become what people say to me.
I love my friends, for always focusing on the good in me. I know I need improvement, but you are helping to provide me with the best way to receive it. You are giving it to me, for real.

There are things that I have thought that I would never have that I have now.
people I can talk to.
people that will listen.
people that accept me.

and I have always had people that love me, but now I see it.
Sometimes it takes a long time to figure that out, but it is amazing when you find it,.
look for it.

but also, believe in yourself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am becoming so lazy.
I am tired all the time.
I don't accomplish anything, I just sit and stare at it.
I know that things are important, I just don't do anything.
It is rediculous.
It is overrated.

I feel tired.
I'm lazy.
I want to sleep.
Gosh jessica, do your math homework.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

my other hero's

We talked about our hero at young women's. I talked about my bazillion heroes. I didn't say this guy, and I regret it.
I love him. You all know that.
I think that we all need someone who can stand up for what they believe in.
For their religion, for their music, for their family.
I honestly post so much about this guy on everything I own, but really. He deserves to be recognized.
He has a fire burning for the church, and I have a fire burning for him.

Another person that I failed to mention was Moses. I know you guys don't expect me to go all churchy, but I love my church. I love Moses, and so I am going to post a few clips to represent him. All from my favorite animated movie, "The Prince of Egypt"
I want a man like this, because Moses stands up for what he believes: from the moment he defends the slaves to the moment he frees them, not to mention before that, and beyond that. And this song makes me so happy, and it helps me not not hate love.

I have other heroes that probably don't even realize that they are my heroes. Some may never know. But I know, and God knows, and sometimes, that is all that matters.